Joplin Tornado Recovery

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Rebuild Joplin rolled out a new campaign called “Let’s Rebuild Joplin Together.”

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The Joplin tornado hit two Walgreens stores and completely destroyed the 20th and Range Line location. Three months to the day, they reopened. This video is with the store manager Louis Niewald.

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On Aug. 17th, Quinton Anderson walked through the doors of the new Joplin High School. This was a miracle because, after being hit by the tornado, he spent five and half weeks in the hospital. Quinton lost both of his parents and his two dogs. For three days, nobody knew if he was alive. Today he is living with his sister and, during the week, with his best friend. Quinton is planning for the future. After graduation he is going to college to study molecular microbiology.

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Jim Bob’s and the Big Bass: A Story by Gov. Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon spoke to Joplin teachers as they kicked off their first day back to work. The students still had two days left of a tragic and unforgettable summer. Nixon told this story about the Joplin spirit.

Jim Bob’s and the Big Bass

Jim Bob’s Steak and Ribs was located near, 20th and Range Line, the busiest intersection in Joplin. On May 22nd, the tornado destroyed the family owned business. After the tornado, Governor Nixon was there in the parking, at Jim Bob’s, talking to the owner when the mailman pulled up and handed Jim the mail. As they got to talking, the mail man said, “Do you still have my big bass?” As Governor Nixon listened, he found out that, while fishing, the mailman had caught a rather large bass and had it mounted. The mailman was proud of his catch, but his wife was not thrilled with a stuffed fish hanging on the wall. Since the mail man ate lunch at Jim Bob’s almost every day, he decided to see if they wanted to hang it on the wall. This would allow him to admire his prize while he enjoyed smoked brisket and potato salad. Jim Bob’s welcomed the addition to their outdoor inspired decor. As you can see from the picture below, Jim Bob’s took a solid hit, but after three days of digging, they found the fish. When Jim Bob’s rebuilds (which they are) the mailman’s fish is going back on the wall.

To Governor Nixon, this story stood out as a testament to a community that is connected. That closeness, he said, has contributed to the overwhelming success of the recovery efforts. We couldn’t agree more. 

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In this video, Joplin Schools Superintendent Dr. CJ Huff gives an inspirational speech to teachers and staff on their first day back to work. Students will begin classes, ON TIME, Aug. 17th! 

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4 ways to help Joplin

1. Get a cool shirt.

Grab a ‘Restore Joplin' shirt and the money will go directly to Joplin. The shirts are EVERYWHERE. Joplin citizens, and people all over the world, are still wearing them. We've talked with the folks behind Restore Joplin and they say new designs are on the way, but this one is the most popular.

2. We Heart Volunteers

Despite what you may have heard, Joplin still needs volunteers. This town is ready to rebuild and volunteers are going to play a HUGE role. If you want to chip-in and make a difference, start planning. Check with the City of Joplin or Rebuild Joplin to find volunteer opportunities. Also, if you are planning a trip for the future, that’s great. Get with organizations that have a need, plan your trip and get ready to meet some amazing people.

3. Buy Sheryl Crow’s Car

Sheryl Crow is auctioning off her 1959 Mercedes-Benz and all the money is going to the Joplin School’s Tornado Relief Fund and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Buy her car and you’ll be helping Joplin.

If you miss out on the auction for Sheryl Crow’s car, consider giving a financial gift. There are lots of ways to give. Try finding something that’s important to you. Is business your passion? Maybe you’d like to help Joplin students. Or, perhaps you’d like to help replace one of thousands of trees that were destroyed. Below are a few resources to get you started. After being hit with $3 billion in damage, Joplin needs you like Sheryl Crow needs to have some fun.

• Rebuild Joplin

• A Tree Grows in Joplin

Restore Joplin

• TEXT “JOPLIN” to 864833 to give a $10 to Heart of Missouri United Way

4. Post about #Joplin

This step should be easy, right? When you post about Joplin on your social networks, you’re reminding the world about what happened. The media moves fast - we understand - but we’d like to keep the focus on the amazing people who may be living out of backpacks and working to rebuild their lives. After you give a gift to Joplin, tell your friends about your contribution because it will encourage them to help. If you are wearing your Joplin t-shirt today, post a pic of yourself and let people know where they can get one. #Joplin #Tornado #Hope.

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It’s starting to look like a REAL high school. The Joplin Eagle emblazoned on the outside of the high school’s North Park Mall location was just added. If you haven’t seen it, check out the construction video tour and stayed tuned for more updates. Go Eagles!

It’s starting to look like a REAL high school. The Joplin Eagle emblazoned on the outside of the high school’s North Park Mall location was just added. If you haven’t seen it, check out the construction video tour and stayed tuned for more updates. Go Eagles!

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<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

Take a look at the construction that’s underway to transform an old retail store into Joplin High School’s 11th and 12th grade space.

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